We are the Formula Student team from Newcastle University, competing in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers run event in the UK every July. Please keep visiting regularly to stay up to date with the progress of our team. As with all projects of this scale – our success is heavily dependent upon the generosity of our sponsors and we thank them for that.


Casting foundry visit

For the first time the team plans to use its own castings on the car. These will be done in collaboration with William Lane  in Middlesbrough. The team will be involved in all stages of the manufacture of a casting, including design, pattern and mold making and finally pouring the metal. We are grateful for the help and assistance the guys at William Lane have given us. Some of the members went down to the foundry last month to view the process in real life. Here’s a few pictures.  

NRX – Design Started

With the start of the new academic year there’s a new car to be designed. Building on the knowledge of the previous years the new car is going to be the lightest yet. For more information head over to the NR Cars section The new year also means a new team, some of whom will be familiar due to being involved last year while others are new including a new bunch of enthusiastic third year students. Check out the main teams mugshots and contact details in The Team section

NR9 Chassis Production

The FS bay at Newcastle is currently seeing the build of the aluminium honeycomb chassis. After careful planning and jig building, the water jet cut sides of the chassis are being bent and formed in to the NR9 car which is extremely exciting to see. Due to the phenomenal effort of Henry, Freddie and other team members the chassis has been bent to within 1mm of the intended dimensions which is extremely good considering the size. With everything going to plan the chassis will be completed within 2 weeks. *Special Credits go to Hannah Daykin for writing the post.  

NR8 Track Day

After the resurrection of NR8, we finally manage to test the car on a track. Vehicle performed well allowing us to test the car during acceleration and braking (see the videos).  Several team members had the chance to drive NR8, each of them being able to reach 62mph with ease, as the data logger recorded.