We are the Formula Student team from Newcastle University, competing in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers run event in the UK every July. Please keep visiting regularly to stay up to date with the progress of our team. As with all projects of this scale – our success is heavily dependent upon the generosity of our sponsors and we thank them for that.


NRX Chassis Mould

After 2 weeks of work the NRX chassis mould is complete (almost). 1 half (LHS) is fully built and adjusted and the right side needs some final adjustment. Check measurements show that the mould is accurate to <1mm in linear dimensions, perpendicularity and flatness. This conformity is a great result considering the build materials and will ensure the final chassis correlates highly to analyses carried out. We are very grateful to the School of Marine Engineering for CNC routing the plywood panels used in the build. The next step is to finalise both mould sections and then cut the aluminium honeycomb sheets. These can then be bent and clamped into the mould whilst adhesive in the joints cure.

NRX Chassis Build

The first stage of the NRX build had now begun! The first stage is to build our aluminium honeycomb chassis. To do this we make a plywood and timber mould that the pre-cut honeycomb can be clamped to whilst the adhesive cures. A lot of measuring, marking and then cutting… More information will be posted as we progress the build – exciting times!


Formula Student 2016 is now complete and Newcastle Racing came 6th (out of 34) in class 2 – a fantastic result. In particular the team came 2nd in the cost part of the competition. We also took the opportunity to look round all the other teams and discuss our design for NRX. All in all it was a great weekend! Thank you to all of our sponsors who have made everything we have achieved so far possible.

Class 2 Entry

In order to deliver a more reliable and competitive entry into the Formula Student Event, Newcastle Racing has decided not to enter into Class 1 this year. We will however still be building NRX this year. Good progress has been made on this and we will be going to Silverstone to compete in Class 2 this July!

November Update

The first month of our new formula student team has past and the team have been quite busy. After much deliberation and investigation the team has decided to use the Enstroj Emrax 228 motor. A single 228 motor will be used inboard, driving both rear wheels. After investigating the use of in-hub motors the additional weight and complexity of integrating them did not provide any additonal benefit. Maybe next year! The team have also been on various visits to local companies, including Lamplas, William Lane Foundry and Sevcon, the later of which has committed themselves to providing technical support this year. In other sponsor news we have received the funding from the Reese Foundation for the accumulator cells, and we also welcome our new sponsor Melasta who have offered us a discount on these cells.